Frog Skaters In Vegas 2018

Frog skaters embark on an insane Journey into the lost city of gold (Las Vegas).

Mitch Metzger was there, also known as "Gary". The boy has an unquenched thirst for cinnamon flavored Eggo waffles.

If this pic doesn't spike you off, just look at what Robert Blazek brought the Frog Team one morning for B-fast. --->

Pure Heaven... Blazek is a Genius!

or something.

Krazy Franky wasn't too hyped on the Donuts, or the ride-on grind spot, so he transformed into this Bug... Kinda Sketch, but it had to be done. 

Pat however, was looking like a perfect Frog specimen. 

Until he had a seizure.  It was kind of insane, but Pat is okay! 

Later on, this nice Über driver named Daniel met up with us at In-N-Out.  


We had a contest to see who could stay in the mini room at the entrance the longest.  it was pretty steezy. 


The only thing steezier than the in-n-out room must be this oven mit. 

After Pat purchased 3 oven mits he was ready to take on the "Flaming Torquis" 

The giant praying mantis was indeed hot and launched fire out of her antennae, but was also very gentle and kind.  The torquis wished us a safe journey out of Las Vegas and transformed Krazy Franky back into a human.  What a treat! 

Special Thanks to Daniel Dent for filming,  Krazy Franky for letting us stay, and Diego Meek for editing!   


  • this was toasty

  • That was a fun video! I had fun watching this video!

  • Holy cow! That was a crazy trip you frogs had. Glad everyone made it out in one piece and I hope Frankie wasn’t a bug for too long and that pat’s seizure wasn’t too mean to him. Go frog! \(^o^)/

    Dade Pugmire
  • Geez! Glad that Pat and Frankie are ok, can’t imagine transforming into a bug and back! (must suck) #lame. Keep up the awesome work. Also Chris is BEAST! And Daniel seems chill.

    Gareth Bevans
  • frog is the best1!!!11

    ryan poopsalot

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