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Frog Skateboards X Nike Sb

Introducing the Nike Sb X Frog Skateboards Blazer Mids.  Available March 16, 2019 at select skateshops worldwide.

 The Frog Skaters went to Atlanta GA for a week to check out some secret spots,  It was a strange time,  This Video hurts my brain :-)  ! 


These are the Frog Shoes, nice !

- and here are some skate shots by Thomas Goldman

Craig Mango - Wallride 

Antonio D - noseslide/ tailslide 

Craig - Bs Hurricane. 

Toni - Sw Bs Nosegrind 180

Daniel Kim setting up a deck, he likes drinking water, speshal water.

Patrick had no idea why we were in Atlanta, but he sure looks nice in those shoes.

Here we are Skating 5 miles to Strat to get some mob grip for Nolan, no big deal. 

After Nolan gripped his Board, he got this beautiful hat. 

Toni got a sweet Hat too. 

Mr. Shane Farber hooked us up and showed us some skate spots! Thank you Shane.

Luis does not handle spicy food well.  The Hot Chicken from Hattie B's is intense. 

Luis is such a great Fella'

If you think Bell South is a sick spot,  Youv'e got to check out Shane Farbers private TF aka "Shanes Park" 

Some Twisted art on Display at Shanes Park.  This one is called "Evil Bastard".  I like it Shane! 

Jesse, Nolan and Diego taking a room temp Bath !  the airbnb water just wouldn't get hot! 

Although it rained a-lot during our stay, The frog Skaters had a real Freaky time in ATL GA. 

Thank you Nike Sb, Stratosphere Skateshop, Shane Farber, Greyson, and Publix Grocery Stores.


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