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Home Music Industry

Welcome to Home Music Industry... 

>>>>>>Chris Milic

>>>>Rafael Delacruz

>>>Julia Yerger --->> Los Angeles March 9 2024

Chris Milic

Untitled 1, 2023

acyrlic and pencil on paper

37 in x 25 in

Rafael Delacruz

Ghost Traffic, 2023

oil on canvas

16 in x 20 in


 Julia Yerger

Untitled, 2024

Yellow envelope, colored pencil, misc. paper

12 in x 16.5 in 

Julia Yerger

Untitled, 2024

Yellow envelope, colored pencil, misc paper on record sleeve

13 in x 25 in 

Rafael Delacruz

Midnight Cleaners, 2023

oil on canvas

16 in x 20 in

 Chris Milic

Tree Extended, 2021

oil on paper in painted frame

17 in x 21 in

Rafael Delacruz

"To Me Theatre", 2023

water colour crayon and graphite on paper in frame

11.5 in x 14 in

 Julia Yerger

Untitled, 2024

Yellow envelope, colored pencil, ink, misc. paper on record sleeve

12 in x 12.5 in 

Chris Milic

Untitled, 2021

oil on canvas

11 in x 14 inbonus:

here are some pictures from the opening...

Julia before the show 

Rafael and Emma! 

 set up some cool snacks in hopes to bring some people in. 

the people showed up! 

Lily and Rose 

Nico, Maya, and Stella 

It was Julias b-day, she got some flowers bruh ! 

also hit Julia with a surprise bday cake from Gelsons. It was awesome, and delicious 😋

Masa and Lou also with something delicious. the BuzzBall Biggie provides!!

wow... that was so... awesome. what an epic night yo. 

 There is also some Limited Edition Swag for sale. A small run of custom t-shirts with artwork from Chris, Julia and Ralf. 

Even some super rare 1-off hand painted/dyed pieces were made too! They are all available right now on the frog website 👍 All the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to families in Palestine 🇵🇸 So please pick one up today ! 

Thank you for supporting your personal >>> Home Music Industry... 

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