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Fight Against Racism

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in the state of Minnesota. 

Breonna Taylor was murdered in her own home on March 13. Ahmaud Arbery on Feb 23. Tony McDade on May 27.

Enough is enough. As we mourn, it is critical that white people and non-Black people of color actively participate in the dismantling of white supremacist structures that violate the lives and safety of Black peoples in America. 

How Can I Help? -->

1. Protest 

Show up for your community. If you are non-Black, follow the lead of black protesters and organizers. Do not incite police yourself - it is not your white body who is most likely to bear the force of police brutality and retaliation. Do not relish in the destruction. Use your body as a shield, you are there to support your Black neighbors, keep this in mind. 

2. Stay home and meditate 

If you cannot physically participate, send your power to the people in the streets!  We are all psychic and telepathic. Sit in solidarity with the protesters and use YOUR energy to renew theirs. We are all a network of feeling. 

3. Listen

If you are non-Black, this is a time to listen to black voices. Let Black voices speak for themselves, first, and for the longest. Listen to their experiences. Make this a life-long habit. 

4. Become anti-racist 

If you were educated in the United States and raised by non-Black parents, likely you have unconscious racist biases ingrained in your thinking. Being anti-racist means examining these biases. Ask Yourself —>

Am I and the white people in my life (friends, family members) allies? Or part of the problem?

Educate yourself, read, and think widely. Refer to those who have come before you, read books by Black writers. Stay informed and share resources. The goal is not to know the most, it is to change the conditioning of your mind, to act without the straight jacket of white supremacist thought conditioning. 

5.  Support Black owned businesses 

Most white wealth is inherited. Share your earnings and wealth with black businesses, artists, writers, and thinkers who likely inherited less due to 100s of years of slavery, Jim Crow and Segregationist laws, and current day mass incarceration.

6. Donate 

Donate to the victims' families, to charities, and give support to organizations that are working hard to make racial equality a reality in America. There are links below. If you have links you would like us to share, please email 

7. Rest when tired 

Begin again tomorrow ☀ Black liberation will take longer than a week of protests, longer than it will take to replace windows. Do not forget, do not get bored, do not burn out. Make this an effort of your lifetime. 


Resources to take Action Now --->


♥ Official Fundraiser for George Floyd started by his Brother -

 Official George Floyd Fundraiser started by his Sister -



♥ Justice for Breonna Taylor - 

Support for Breonna's Family -

Please send an email to the Governor and Mayor demanding charges on the officers for Breonnas Death.

Help bail the citizens of Louisville that are out there protesting for Breonna!

Louisville Community Bail Fund



♥ Fundraiser for Tony Mcdade - 


♥ Justice for David McAtee -



♥ Justice for Ahmaud Arbery -

 Official Fundraiser for Ahmuad Arbery's Immediate family 


♥ Justice for Dominique "Rem'mie" Fells - 

 Official Fundraiser for Dominique started by her sister 

♥ Justice for Elijah Mcclain - 

Official Fundraiser for Elijah by his mother.

Petition -


Racial Justice 


Reclaim the Block - 

Black Visions Collective

Campaign Zero

LA People's City Council Fund


Peoples Breakfast Oakland

about  donate -->

SummaEverythang Community Center (Los Angeles)

Louisville Community Bail Fund

Atlanta Solidarity Bail Fund

Colorado Freedom Fund

Community Justice Exchange National Bail Fund

Color of Change

Black Lives Matter

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

The i Project 


Fierce NYC 

Audre Lorde Project (NYC) 

Black Earth Farms ( East SF Bay Area ) 



Support Black Trans Lives. 

Black Trans Travel Fund


The Okra Project 

Trans Woman of Color Survival Fund

For the Gworls 

Dontate -->



Support Black Owned Skateboarding Brands ! 

Hopps Skateboards - East coast board brand created by Artist and Skateboarder Jahmal Williams. 

Tantrum Skateboards - Small black owned brand hailing from San Diego, CA.

Public Housing Skate Team - Skateboards from apparel from Ron and Vlad who grew up and live in the Bronx.

Hardies Hardware - Hardware and soft goods by Tyshawn Jones and Na-Kel Smith. 

Crenshaw Skate Club - started in 2017 the main goal of the Crenshaw Skate Club is to enrich the community and spread skating to all black communities worldwide. 

Dreambig Skateboards - Vontez Hill has been dreaming of owning his own skate company since he was 15. Four years later Dreambig became a reality in south Minneapolis!

Gang Corp - Tight knit crew of skaters that are locals of NYC's LES skatepark. 

Grandma Skateboards - Handmade skateboards and products all pressed in house in Albuquerque New Mexico.

HoodWood Skateboards - Custom Skateboards by OG skate legend Marty Grimes.

Trophy Grip - Custom Grip by Wade Yates from Brooklyn New York.

Project 3435 - Los Angeles Skate brand by Keelan Dadd.

Maxallure - Legendary Street Skater Karl Watsons SF based brand.

Inkwell commons - New York City Brand by Andre Page.

illegal civ -  Skateboarding company and clothing brand founded in North Hollywood by Mikey Alfred.



Black Owned Skateshops 

Armada Skateshop - Community skate shop by Patrick Carroll in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Hard Times Skateshop - Skater owned shop by Toney Herndon for the community in Portsmouth, Virginia. 

Adrift Skateshop - Beautiful Skateshop in Downtown Toronto

Bliss Skateboard shop -  Owned and operated by proud Canadian business woman and skateboarder Sasha Senior. Bliss Skate shop serves the community of Windsor and Detroit.

First Skate Supply - Mobile Skateshop in Delaware!

Crushed - New Skateshop emerging from Washington D.C.

The Truth Skate and Snow Fraser Valley's Premier Skate and Snow shop located in Chilliwack, B.C.

Official Goods - Skater Owned shop in Vallejo, CA

One Gig - Skater owned Shop that helps their community in Boston, Mass.

Minus - Core shop in Indianapolis.

Kloud 27 -  Peep the Mathematics its 3x Higher ! :-) Clarksville, Tennesee.

Neighbors Skateshop - Group of Skateboarders embracing the community of Leimart Park, Los Angeles.


Black Owned Skateboarding Organizations

FroSkate - A Group from Chicago started by 3 girls to encourage Trans, Queer, Gender non conforming, and people of color to get involved with skateboarding. 

interview - 

donate -

Harold Hunter Foundation - Started in 2007 by Harold's Close friends and brother Ron Hunter.  The Harold Hunter Foundation encourages NYC youth to use skateboarding as a positive outlet.


Black Owned Coffee Roasters  

Red Bay Coffee Roasters - founded in 2014 by Keba Konte, and providing beautiful coffee for citizens in the bay area. 

Three Keys Coffee - founded in 2019, this Houston TX coffee roasters is inspired by jazz music and musicians <3

Southeastern Coffee Roasters - female owned coffee roaster,  Candy Schibli brews fresh coffee for the people in the Washington DC/ Baltimore Area

BeanFruit Coffee Company - Award winning coffee roasting company located in the Jackson, Mississippi Metro Area




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