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Frog Skateboards + Noah NY (hawaii)


Video By Kyota Umeki and Alex Greenberg -


Here are some amazing Photos from the trip by master Photographer Mark Custer 



Frog skate team at the infamous Wallows ditch ! 


Nick Michel - Tailgrab one Foot 


Krazy Frankie - Melon G 


Glenn Garcia looking extremely nice 


Oily Craig - Bs air at Alla Skatepark 


Frankie feeling bomb bomb at Bonzai Pipeline North Shore 


Krazy F quick Melon grab before hitting Zippy's fast food Restaurants 


Isaac was shredding ! 


Isaac White - boardslide fakie with grab


Nick at Sheepside


Nick Michel - Bs air


Lukas Miller - Liquid Boss 


Dangerous Crango


Chris Milic - Frontside Boardslide


Isaac in the Ocean ! 


Isacc White - Tailgrab the Honolulu beach steps 


Isaac White -  Fs Bluntslide to fakie 


Nick Michel - Fs air 

 Krazy Frankie Decker - First try double set Ollie 


Special thanks to Auriel and Cathy Rickard, Sean Reilly + Shitty Kids. 


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